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About us
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Over the past 25 or more years our practice has continued to grow yearly. Our practice is limited to the treatment of Benign and Malignant Breast Diseases. We see over 6,000 patients yearly with breast problems, malignant and benign. Since our inception we have treated over 4,000 patients with Breast cancer. Does experience count? We think it does.

We attribute our success to our personal local stability and availability over many years. We certainly are not going anywhere.

We pride ourselves in the efficient management of patients from diagnosis to a rapid closure of the problem. Patients with breast problems do not need torturous waits! We eliminate expensive testing that does not add to closure of the problem. Our in-office needle biopsy at the time of the first visit helps us achieve these goals.

First and foremost, we are truly Breast Surgeons. Our practice is not only limited to Breast Surgical Oncology but includes the whole gamut of Breast Surgery stemming from breast pain, infection, breast feeding problems, and all the way to breast cancer. Guiding the patient rapidly through the algorithms, to closure of her breast problem is the hallmark of our practice and has allowed us to grow yearly.

We also employ educated, compassionate women in the office, with patience to help the patient with any anxiety and distress they may have.

Your satisfaction is foremost in our care for you from check-in to until your visit and care is concluded. Any follow up medical questions or inquiries are returned by the doctor or one of our highly experienced and trained breast specialist registered nurses.

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