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Dr. Lygas Cancer Cruise 2019

Dr. Lygas Celebrates with Breast Cancer Survivors

This year out record wet June and a thunderstorm forced the cancellation of Dr. Lygas’ monthly summer yacht cancer cruise. But not to be deterred from celebrating their survival from breast cancer they moved to Dr. Lygas’ home on the Manasquan River in Wall where he and Suzanne Friend hosted with light snacks, H’dourvers, and a champagne toast. Each lady was treated to a makeover by Atlantic Club cosmetican Karen Geist and then they were treated to a luncheon at a local restaurant A wonderful day was had by all of these women.

The gathering afforded Dr. Lygas the opportunity to get to know these women on a one on one basis rather than just seeing them in an exam room, office or hospital. They shared family stories and reveled that among them there were occupations as dancers, singers, bank officials, school officials and nurses., reinforcing to all they are not just a person who had had breast cancer, but they are vibrant persons with current and past productive and fascinating lives. One of the women was an amazing 92 year old.

Dr. Theodore Lygas is a top breast cancer surgeon and has offices in Monmouth and Ocean counties.

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